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Pulse Physiotherapy's COVID-19 Procedures

Pulse Physiotherapy's COVID-19 Procedures

Virtual consultations will be used as a preferred option, when and where possible. Patients will be triaged over the phone to determine if a virtual consultation will suffice or if an in-person appointment is necessary and essential. Please see the Virtual Physiotherapy tab for more details. (click here)

All scheduled patients will be screened over the phone or via email for any symptoms of COVID-19 based on the most current patient screening questionnaire from the Ministry of Health.

If a patient screens positive for COVID-19, they will be advised not to come to the clinic and offered virtual care where appropriate. The patient will be advised to self-isolate and to complete the online self-assessment tool on the Peterborough Public Health website before calling their doctor or Telehealth Ontario.

Clear, visible signage is placed at all public entrances and within the clinic, reminding patients about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, how to protect themselves and others, and what to do if they feel unwell. Signage is also posted at hand washing stations instructing on proper hand washing techniques for both staff and patients.

An acrylic barrier has been installed at the reception desk. The waiting room area has been set up to allow for physical distancing of 6 feet between individuals and visual cues have been added to the floor.

Patients are asked to wear their own mask (cloth or other) to the clinic if they have one, otherwise they will be provided a mask upon arrival.

Unless a patient requires assistance from another person, they will be encouraged to come alone to their appointment.

All patients who present to the clinic must have an appointment. Walk-in or in person inquiries will not be accepted at this time.

Patients are asked to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment and no sooner. Patients are to wait in their car, or at the distanced markers outside of the clinic until a staff member comes to retrieve them for their appointment.

All scheduled patients who present to the clinic will be screened again prior to entry. A designated staff member will conduct screening of patients prior to them being brought in to the office. This employee will be wearing appropriate PPE. After screening, all patients will be:

  • Given a surgical/procedure mask, (unless they have brought their own mask),
  • Provided with hand sanitizer
  • Advised to perform hand and cough hygiene while in clinic,
  • Provided access to tissue and a hands-free waste receptacle for their used tissues and masks
  • Placed in a private room with the door closed

During the appointment, the provider will wear a surgical/procedure mask and gloves, and all staff have been trained and abide by strict hygiene protocols.

Appointments are booked to allow time between patients, helping to maintain physical distancing and allow for surface and equipment cleaning after each appointment.

A staff schedule has been created to minimize the number of people in the clinic at one time, to reduce the number of treatment rooms being used, and to minimize staff interactions with each other and patients.

All equipment used in patient contact is cleaned and disinfected after each use. The clinic will be closed between 12pm – 1pm each day for additional cleaning. This time is used for disinfecting of high traffic areas, common areas, public washrooms, staff rooms, and treatment rooms. Special attention is paid to commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, counters, handrails, touch screen surfaces, and shared materials, equipment, workstations, keypads, etc.

Cleaning will be documented by date, time and by who and will be posted in each bathroom and high traffic area.

Clothing and fabric items such as pillow cases, towels and sheets are laundered and dried on the highest temperature setting possible.